High Resolution Pic (Bucking Trends)

‘The weight of Rudy’s body caused the man to fall striking his head on the corner of a newspaper dispenser. Blood started shooting from the temple area of the man’s head. He was dead almost instantly.’

Before he became a person beloved by his fellow Americans and considered by millions to be a hero, he was just Rudy Trend. Rudy was born in 1954 and raised by his widowed mother. Meager, would be descriptive of how the Trends struggled in a community of billionaires.

Cannon Hill, Arkansas, was a small community nestled into the Ozark Mountains. Two multi-billion dollar corporations, their families, and their headquarters called Cannon Hill their home. One of those corporations would become the number one retail giant in the world.

At age sixteen he became best friends with a boy named Evan Wilson. Evan was the only son of the Director of Operations for the retail giant. The friendship that bonded two teenage boys existing in a world of the have’s and have not’s, set in motion, the most improbable future for Rudy.

Bucking Trends is an epic tale filled with fevered anticipation, emotion, humor, tragedy, political satire and unwavering patriotism. Follow the events that cause a young boy to evolve into one of the most influential and powerful men of a modern day America-the giving of one’s self, to the cause of serving one’s country as our forefathers had intended, and being patriotic to one’s country and countrymen in a manner of governing one’s country. The importance of these values is something that is slowly becoming antiquated, but should never be forgotten.

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