I was invited recently, by email, by one of my friends that I graduated with many moons ago, to come to a “shindig.” I read the email all the way through and for some reason the only thing I could focus on was the word “shindig.” As I often do with words that grab my attention I started my, “Word Pondering.”

Whoever came up with the word, “shindig?” Was the word made up by an elected Word Czar long, long ago? How old could the word, “shindig” be? What classifies as a shindig? Are shins valueable? Did people go around searching for shins and dig them up because of their value? The only shins I’m familiar with is the one’s we have as part of our legs. Surely people didn’t go around digging up bodies to get their shins, and if so, what in the world would they do with them? I wonder if back in the past people needed shin transplants. I’ve never heard of the need, but maybe it was so. If shins weren’t needed to replace broken or worn out shins, then maybe shins were like a coin used as money many years ago. I think I’m going to have to ask my friend if she is secretly involved in a club that goes around under the cover of darkness with a large group of people hunting and digging up shins.

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